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An outpouring of sorrow from a betrayed lover - Lamento Della Ninfa - Monteverdi.

Recorded May 2023 with The Mancunium Consort.

A snapshot of a city in postwar destruction - Fêtes galantes - Poulenc

Recorded September 2023 at Clonterbrook Recital Room with Craig White on piano. 

A speaker sees in the distance church spires, where ‘the most brave of the dead are buried’. Là-bas, vers l’eglise - Ravel, recorded at Clonterbrook Recital Room, September 2023 with Craig White on piano. 

Se bramate d’amar chi vi sdegna - Handel. Serse finds himself once again rebuffed by Romilda, who says she’ll love his brother until death, even though he has proof he is betraying her. Recorded live - National Opera Studio, Wandsworth Wednesday, January 2024. Piano - Jacob Swindells

The young page, Urbain, spends four minutes telling the assembled company he has an important letter from his mistress for one of them - Nobles seigneurs, salut - Meyerbeer. Recorded live on a National Opera Studio Wandsworth Wednesday October 2023 with Johanna Kvam. 

An Arabian hostess says a reluctant goodbye to a traveller - Adieux de l’hôtesse arabe - Bizet. Recorded at the Clonterbrook Recital Room September 2023 with Craig White on piano. 

Late at night, stuck in the airport, the Minkswoman reflects on why she couldn’t get on the plane - I bought this suitcase in New York - Dove (Flight). Recorded at the National Opera Studio, October 2023. Johanna Kvam - Piano

A love duet between Helen (later of Troy) and Menelaus - Ecco idolo mio - Francesco Cavalli.

Recorded May 2022 with Musica Antica Rotherhithe. 


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